Introducing Life*

Welcome to my blog network-thingy: Life*. This is a space for my personal expression and teaching what I know. I started this WordPress blog because I didn’t have centralized location for my content (since I make a lot of different content) and I really didn’t update my main site. I’m hoping for other content creators to find this site and build community. Life* includes this site and my Youtube channel. I plan on making weekly posts with video and text about teaching something or an essay about a subject. An addition to the blog posts, I also plan on doing daily vlogs. Life* is about empowering and expression of self, or self-determination.

I have my values: intersectionality, collaboration, accessibility, sustainability, community, disruption, transparency, fluidity, self-determination, and experimentation. Those are subject to change at anytime, but they will probably be like that for a while.

My mission for the site is to become a living resource to empower people and as well as an inclusive space to nurture expression. I like other blogs as well, but I’ve noticed a sort of staticness to them. Shoot in front of camera and listen to them talk. I hope to change that a little bit. I’m hoping people come for the tutorials and stay for the community. I have a Discord, which contains links to everything and is direct real time access to me and what I do.

I’m a content creator who gives their stuff away. I believe in accessibility, so all of my digital content 100% created by me content is free and open-source (FLOSS). All of my software that I publicly maintain is on Github and if you ever want stems from any music or anything, email me at: I’m also not putting ads on the site, so support in whatever way you feel comfortable.

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