Best Vlogging Camera (I’ve Had)

The best vlogging camera I have ever had was Canon G7X. I don’t have it anymore and I miss because it was the best vlogging camera I’ve had. It had an impressive flip screen in which you could see yourself while recording. It was about 400 dollars via eBay and I miss it a lot, because bulkiness of the 5D Mark II is a lot. It was a compact camera with flexible DSLR quality controls inside. It did 1080p at 60 frames per second which made for accessible slo-mo shots. You also could control the color, so if you wanted to shoot neutral for movies and color grading it was possible. My priorities with vlogging are what are the most DSLR like features I can get in a small form factor with a flip screen. It’s necessary to record on the go and make sure to get the story or document what’s going on and the G7X was amazing for that.

I don’t have the camera anymore (I dropped it in the club), but I now use the Canon 5D Mark II, which is good too, but I would prefer the G7X for vlogging. Audio is very important for vlogs, not being able to hear what someone is saying can be a problem. The Canon 5D Mk. II has external sound, but I don’t have a Rode mic, so I might as well have the G7X in that regard. They both have color control, or the ability change the processing of color that the camera does while recording. The control of both are roughly the same, with the 5D Mk. II only slightly edging out the G7X with Magic Lantern which allows you to capture RAW footage. However, RAW footage is not typically needed with vlogging footage and when you record a lot, you burn through your storage. The G7X’s flip screen allows you to check the placement of yourself, while recording and I can’t do that with the 5D Mk. II, and if I wanted to check where I’m at with the 5D Mk. II in realtime I need a mirror or another monitor which is not that portable.

When you look for a camera it’s important to find what works for you in terms of priority. Unfortunately, the G7X doesn’t have everything I could want, but for the price and priority it’s a pretty good deal. It’s important to assess what you want out of you vlogging camera and when you vlog. For example: if you only vlog at home on a tripod, a good investment is a DSLR or potentially even a RED camera kit depending on frequency. If you are on the go a lot the G7X and the Sony RX series are small form camera’s with flip out screens that get the job done. Of course, there are many more camera that someone could have, but the best camera prioritizes your situation. I hope that my post can help you navigate getting the best camera yourself or getting you started on a G7X.

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