I’m Christian Something, and this is my blog about everything I’m into (mostly art and technology). Also, he/him.

I made this blog with the intention of sharing what I know and giving myself a space to talk about things I don’t frequently talk about; critical race theory, video games, coding and more.

I’m a content creator who gives their stuff away. I believe accessibility, so all of my digital content 100% created by me content is free and open-source (FLOSS). All of my software that I publicly maintain is on Github and if you ever want stems from any music or anything, email me at: hello@chrstnsmth.ng. My content is either licensed under MIT or CC 4.0. Just credit back to me!

My values are intersectionality, collaboration, accessibility, sustainability, community, disruption, transparency, fluidity, self-determination, and experimentation.

My mission for the blog is to give back what I know in a structured way, try to contribute to the model of content creator; to be critical of media and mainstream culture. My content will be everywhere conceptually and I wouldn’t want anything else.